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The Warning Signs That Point To Divorce

Nobody goes into a relationship planning for a divorce. When we go into a relationship and proceed to marriage, we desire to make our vows last a lifetime. No matter how hard we try to make a marriage last, there are just some things that shake up the boat and end up sinking it. Divorce, as scary as it sounds, is not a rare event with 40 to 50 percent of marriages concluding with it. What the numbers won’t tell you though, is what brought couples there. In this article, you will learn precisely those reasons and red flags, so read more here.

An Emotional Gap
Couples become concerned or troubled when there is no end to their disagreements. But worse than too much fighting is when a couple has decided to stop fighting altogether. When a couple argues, that means they still have interest in changing things for the better, but when they are apathetic towards each other and no longer care, that means they are beyond the point of mending the relationship. If you believe that this is you, read more here.

Abuse In All Its Forms
Abuse looks different for different people and could be any of the following: physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual. If you notice that your partner is becoming violent and abusive, don’t make excuses for him/her nor enable further abuse. Do not put yourself nor your children at risk by staying in an abusive marriage, so read more here about getting the legal help you need.

Your partner’s unfaithfulness does not have to force you into ending it. If the unfaithful spouse admits to the mistake and is sincere about cutting it off and going through marriage counseling and therapy with you, then there is a possibility you can get through it together. But don’t you ever forget that you are not obligated to go through that kind of pain for the sake of your children, as you too deserve to be completely loved and valued. For help with the matter of infidelity and what to do next, read more here.

Addictive Tendencies
If your spouse is struggling with addiction, that doesn’t mean you have to drop them right away. But if you have been trying to help them seek treatment yet they have no desire of getting better, that could be a sign that divorce is one of your options. If you are confused about which road to take, read more here.

These are just a few of the many possible signs that point you towards divorce. If you have read this article and found that you are going through rough patches similar to those mentioned above, don’t hurry into a life-changing decision yet – get all the help you need and most of all, remember your worth and be bold.

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